ALSO currently provides residential supports to 80 people throughout Clackamas and Multnomah counties. Like many organizations that support people with developmental challenges, ALSO has “group homes” for people who choose ALSO. It is one of many types of residential supports provided by the organization. Currently ALSO is certified and licensed to provide residential support in group homes, supported living and brokerage. The supports can be 24 hours per day or just an hour or two a week. ALSO is continually evolving to be the most person centered, community connected and customer focused provider.

It is often difficult to explain what we do when someone asks what type of support the organization provides. Our approach has been to respond with “what do you want and we will help figure out a way to make it possible, even if that means pointing you in a direction outside of ALSO”. The type of support varies according to the needs of the person. Some people require more support than others. Generally, our services include assistance with…

  • household maintenance
  • budgeting
  • cooking
  • medical issues
  • personal care
  • hygiene
  • recreation

Everything we do is designed to help people we support live their lives as fully and independently as possible.


This is an ALSO (Adult Learning Systems of Oregon, Inc.) program.